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Snow Plowing

At Cederberg Inc., we handle snow plowing for your winter snow removal needs.  Please contact us for an estimate
of your snow plowing needs.  Cederberg Enterprises, Inc. is associated with S.I.M.A.  The Snow and Ice Management


Services available.............

Liquid Anti-Icing / Salt Application / De-Icing

You won't even notice ice was on your parking lot when your ice trucks are finished. We house a fleet of vehicles that not only carry 5 tons of de-icing salt, but are also fitted with snow plows. Our stock pile of salt ensures we're always prepared for the worst.

  • Avoid black ice, a thin and dangerous layer of ice over asphalt
  • To ensure salt is effective, Cederberg scrapes as much frozen snow off as possible before de-icing begins
  • Even small accumulations of ice can be dangerous to motorists and pedestrians

Snow Relocation:  On or off property

Why wait for other companies to rent wheel loaders and dump trucks? Should a large storm hit, we have all the necessary equipment on hand to remove snow to an off-site location.

  • Snow relocation is done after business hours to increase productivity and decrease work hours
  • Decrease client and contractor liability exposure due to lack of visibility
  • Provide a safer clear site, reducing obstructions and increasing pavement areas


Lake County's authority in commercial snowplowing service for offices, industrial sites, and parking lots. Snow  plowing, salting, sidewalk maintenance and de-icing. We will be there regardless of the conditions, guaranteed! One ton pick up trucks, six wheelers, skid steers, and pay loaders are our tools. Most any contractor can plow a run of the mill 2-4 inch snowfall; but what happens when its 10+ inches? And its heavy? And snows all day? And a truck (or two) breaks down? Top notch commercial snow and ice management is as much about having contingency plans and extra equipment, as it is about actually plowing the snow and salting the roads. Its about anticipating the unexpected and executing. Its about having your lot clean when the roads leading to it are in awful shape.

Services Offered: Snowplowing; Salting/Calcium Chloride Applications; Shoveling; Snow Hauling.

Your weather just got better.