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Blizzard 2011 Photo's


Ice Dam Before & After


Homeowner had large ice formations inside and along gutter line. These formations (ice dams) prevented drainage, causing interior water leaks. All dams were removed and drainage was restored.

Concrete Grinding & Preparation

The front door to this apartment building would not open all the way due to the concrete stoop heaving as a result of freeze/thaw patterns. We were able to grind enough concrete evenly to allow the door to operate normally.

Polyurea garage floor coating preparation. We diamond grind concrete substrate to remove contaminants and open pores in the surface.  This will allow for a superior bond of Polyurea base coat. 

Patio Re-sanding

This patio was moss infested and a victim of years of maintenance neglect. 
It was power washed, and here polymeric joint stabilizing sand is being applied.


Now, a compactor is being used to "settle" the polymeric sand to reinforce and
strengthen the patio.  This also prevents weeds and future plant growth.

Interior drain tile and initial rough in for future bathroom in basement

We capitalized on the opening of concrete and installed the plumbing of the
soon-to-be second full bathroom in this house.  The white PVC indicates plumbing
union of toilet, shower, and sink.  All wastewater runs into the black basin, which
is then pumped up into the primary sewer trunk line.



Note the white filter wrap around the drain tile pipe work.  This prevents sedimentation
that could clog and wreak havoc on the system.  This is good insurance that the system
will stay functional for years to come.

Wet and seeping basement?  Here's your solution.  Installation of 4" drain tile and
routed to sump pump.  See diagram of our cross-section.

Deck built

Summer 2009.  Constructed of premium cedar lumber. 
Deck size:  400 sq. feet

Stained with:  Cabot semi-transparent "Pacific Redwood"

Herringbone pattern as shown with Unilock paver brick. 
Deck and walkway built together.


Patio Restoration Project: Glenview

This patio was covered in moss and was showing signs of its age. Certain areas were sinking due to a poor paver base installation. Many adjustments were made to rejuvenate this patio, giving it a clean, well-maintained look. The process entailed adjusting paver base of problematic pavers and reinstalling paver, complete power wash of patio, and re-sand with polymeric joint stabilizing sand compacted into the paver joints. Total project duration: 1 day.


Front Stoop Repair: Lake Forest

A water-damaged soldier course rendered this stoop unsafe. Our crew removed all affected bricks and mortar in effort to salvage for future use. Bricks were re-installed and mortared in. End product blended beautifully with the stoop. Total project duration: 1 day.

Dry well

This is a dry well installation from start to finish.

Stone Sidewalk Installation

This sidewalk was created for a homeowner residing on the shoreline of Lake Michigan. Small, round stones harvested from private beach incorporated into front, entryway sidewalk.

Sod installation project

The back yard of this property was neglected for years. Our crew removed all weed growth and unwanted plants and applied 25 yards of nutrient-rich topsoil. Sod was then applied on top.

Concrete Bollard / Concrete Bumper Post Installation:

Bollard Posts, more commonly known as bumper posts, are great for protecting doors, store entrances, light posts, security devices, or anything that a vehicle can collide with. We can install any quantity or size diameter required. Our open the concrete or asphalt surface and dig to necessary depth. The post is then set in and filled with concrete. Once installed, the post can be painted or poly covers can be purchased. Standard color for the poly covers is safety yellow. Special colors and sizes can be ordered.


Brick Clad Stoop Project:

This was a brick paver clad project. The homeowner did not like the look of the existing concrete. Brick pavers were installed over the top of the existing concrete. What an elegant look!

Drain Tile Installation with Downspout Drainage:

Homeowner stated that in a driving rain, water would seep into the basement causing water damage and a foul odor. Our crew excavated around the problem area of the foundation down to the footing. Once the foundation and footing were exposed, these areas were power washed, leaving a clean substrate of adhesion for the rubberized foundation sealant. The sealant was applied in two coats, over 4 days over the foundation and footing. Our crew was certain to fill any visual flaws or cracks in the concrete. For good measure, R-4 foam insulation was applied. We also routed all downspouts to the culvert, effectively diverting all water from the foundation. Project time frame: 5-7 days.

Stone Retainer Wall Restoration with Addition of Drain Tile:

This retaining wall and patio overlook a beautiful body of water in Lake Forest. Over time, due to poor drainage and a continual degradation of the wall's base and support structure, it presented numerous safety concerns. The top stone course of the wall was dangerously toppling inward, while the base was pushing outward toward the water. Slowly the wall was dismantled, removing roughly 50,000 pounds of dirt and clay. Downspout drainage was added, routed to the body of water, along with corrugated drain tile to promote backfill drainage. Geo-mat and Geo-textile were utilized to tie the stone wall into the backfill. As the project progressed, the patio was re-installed, and fully landscaped. Total Project Duration: 5 days

Unclogging of storm drain pipe:

Gutters drain into drain piping that was clogged with tree roots. These lines were opened up and roots were removed.

Pool house structure:


Pool house structure built in Highland Park to contain pool filtration equipment. Fabricated of high quality cedar dimensional lumber.