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Dry Well Construction

Construction of a Dry Well is outlined below:

This is the initial excavation.  Drainage lines are drawn and
excavation is underway.  Soil is removed and the trench is cut.

Construction of the Dry Well.  This will be come a large garbage
can size hole that will measure over 4' deep by 4' wide.  This is the reservoir where rainwater will ultimately drain too from the downspouts and sump pump.

As you can see all trench lines are cut straight for improved flow of runoff.  All removed soil is temporarily placed on plywood to not disturb unaffected grass/sod in the process.  PLEASE NOTE:  Take notice to yellow colored flags in the background.  All sites are marked by JULIE to ensure that underground utilities are marked.  This ensures worker safety.

River rock installation. The Dry Well has been constructed and is now being back filled with rock. This will give the Well structure and allow for retention of runoff.

The 4" pipe has been installed and is now back filled with dirt and leveled for sod installation.


An example of a connection from downspout to main drain line away from the house.


Sod has been installed over trench and has been watered. Grass seed applied.


Problem areas around foundation addressed. Dirt installation to promote runoff away from the house foundation.